I’m Dr. Strange for you.

Recently, I found myself trying to remember: what is the worst thing I’ve ever done to another person? I feel certain that there must be some terrible things. Everyone has cruelties in their past, even if they don’t come easily to mind. For me, there are a few that come easily to mind. They are things that leave me feeling a little sick to my stomach when I wish I could un-do them.

Ultimately, the worst things I’ve done to a person are probably things I’ve done to myself. That being said, there was that one time I was dating that boy and I went on a business trip and when I came back I was like “eh, I’ve kind of got a cold, I don’t feel like hanging out.” And then I never returned a single one of his calls or emails ever again. Whoops, sorry guy! That was fairly shitty!

In retrospect, I was completely insane at that point in my life and really, he should have known it when I drank the appletinis that he loved so much in solidarity. I don’t drink appletinis, not even to impress a guy. He was also truly, truly terrible in bed. Until I encountered him, I always thought it was kind of impossible to be truly terrible at the lovin’. I was wrong!

He also really loved T. Rex, so now, any time I hear one of their songs, I’m plunged into shame and grossed-out-ness and feel uncomfortable in my skin and want to leave the room.

How bout you? Tell me what makes your skin crawl!

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