Sometimes I am not kind to myself

Because it was a long day, and because I am allowing myself to make bad decisions on occasion, I had an Asahi and a handful of sour cream and onion potato chips for dinner.

This is not dinner material, I know.

But the combination of flavors and the feeling of eating a really-terrible-for-me dinner took me back to 5 years and two months ago and for a moment my heart was full of hope and excitement – or, at least, the remembered shadow thereof. I was on the crest of a wave that moved my life. I can feel that crest in my bones if I just close my eyes and focus. And then I remembered that 5 years ago this week I sold my Vespa, after taking a farewell ride, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Everything brings tears to my eyes, perhaps you know this about me.

I spent today finessing some things that are my future, and my reaction is to bury myself in the past.


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One response to “Sometimes I am not kind to myself

  1. Be nicer to you. You deserve it.

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