Starting fresh

And now is it 2013, and I have had a blog in some form or another for over 9 years. 9 years! Ridiculous! So much talking about myself!

Also ridiculous is the way that I’ve been avoiding this place, trying to figure out what to do or what not to do with it.

So here is what’s going to happen: I’m going to use this space, and it doesn’t matter how. Weirdos can find it and do what they want, but it doesn’t really matter much – the non-weirdos make blogging wonderful, and I miss you all.

Given that…

I took some pictures over the last few days of some of the projects I’ve finished recently but had failed to photograph. So here they are.

A hat for Raven:


And a hat for me:


And a pair of socks, also for Raven:


In the world of terrible food photography, I made a delicious and hideous dinner for New Year’s Eve:


And now I am making a caramelized onion, butternut squash and grain-sausage galette which owes a nod to Smitten Kitchen and Williams Sonoma. I am making things, and doing things, and I would like to remember those things. So.

Is anybody out there?

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