Earning my name

As a lifelong vegetarian and kind of a hippie, I have spent a lot of time thinking about vitamins. Some of that time, I have even spent taking them. And some of the vitamins I have started taking have changed my life for the good. (I am a little picky about the vitamins I will take, though. My aunt owns a chain of vitamin stores (which she developed with my uncle before he passed away a couple of years ago) and I have vivid childhood memories of discussions about the

I started taking a B-complex vitamin a couple of years ago, and a brainfog that had lasted a decade cleared up. I started taking vitamin D in the winter, and I stopped hating winter so much.

So recently, I decided that I would start supplementing with omega-3s. I’ve been a vegetarian for my whole life, and I’ve eaten poorly for a good portion of that life (chips and salsa and orange juice 4 lyfe. Or at least for dinner.), so omega-3s are something that I am almost certainly lacking, and something that could probably offer some benefits for both brain function and long-term wellness. I’d also gotten a little lax about my multivitamin, so I started that up again on a daily basis. (Recently, it’s been more like “daily,” which is not how these this achieve efficacy.)

Needless to say, within two days of starting all that nutritional responsibility, I am coming down with something distinctly flu-like (though NOT the flu I SWEAR to gosh) and I can only blame the vitamins.

The vitamins and my coworkers who are 100% plague infested. But mostly the vitamins.

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