Little Grandpa

After nearly two months of dithering, I finally found buttons to sew on a little sweater I made for my cousin’s baby.

And they are ADORABLE.



The sweater itself is pretty cute, I think:




The baby’s parents named him after our grandfather (by way of that grandfather’s middle name), who passed away almost two years ago – February 1, 2010. He was ornery, fierce, talented, smart, devoted, stubborn and unbreakable (just ask him!.) It will be interesting to see if Little A. ends up taking after his great-grandfather in any of those ways. The stubborn and unbreakable streak seems to run in our family, but a part of me hopes that time and loving kindness will weed that out as a family trait. As beneficial as it may be, it would be nice to see Little A. (and my nieces and nephews) grow up without the need to be ferocious world-fighters. I hope, with all my heart, that they find the world to be a loving place. This sweater is a symbol of that in my mind – and I hope it will be that for my cousins, as well.

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