Rip it, don’t rip it

Dear everyone,

Because I am awesome, I’m having one of those nights. Those nights, you know, where you did something monumentally large at work and you are trying to remember everything you did so you know where to start when you come in to work tomorrow. And then you go to the gym and you are a little grouchy because, oh, people and you are also grouchy because oh, life. One of those nights, right?

So I sliced my thumb open making dinner, and then I ended up ripping out about half of a baby sweater I was knitting because the increases looked like butt (sorry, Lora, the sweater is going to take an extra week now!) and also the dinner I made was just not very satisfying, even though I mean whatever, when are reheated sweet potatoes not satisfying?

All of that, of course, is a sign that I probably need to take a step back and chill out – maybe not think about work so much? – and so that is what I am trying to do. Reset buttons are hard to hit at 10:30 at night, but it’s time, I think, to get on that.

In other, less whiny news, I finished blocking a shawl I made for myself. I have given away most of the shawls I’ve ever made, so this was fun – it is warm and crazy soft (the yarn is a blend of alpaca, wool and silk) and wearing it today, on a snowy February day when everything seemed so endessly gray, was like a little secret. I don’t tell people when I’m wearing something I made because, you know, who cares, so it’s doubly nice if someone says something nice about it – which someone did, and it really did make me smile. Anyway, here it is, semi-artfully arranged on the bed because I am ALL KLASS:



And here is a detail, just for fun (well, I’m having fun anyway):



Also, you’ll notice that I’ve starting using a weirdo letter format for these. That’s because that’s sort of what this is feeling like these days – little missives of catch-up that I send out into the world. Since that is the case… what’s up with you?



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  1. since I’m so far behind in internetting and I didn’t know about the sweater anyway, I’m still absolutely thrilled, no matter what the timeline! You area awesome.

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