Things to love about love

Dear everyone,

On a really nice April day in 2012, Raven and I did something really fun – we got married.




In the months since, we hit a few rough spots. I’m sure you picked up on that if you’ve read, oh, any of my posts since August.

But here’s the thing – and a thing I have never written about, because we always pledged not to be Those People. But the thing is – I really love this man. He has taught me so many things, and the wisdom has come in so many forms. In addition to the things I have learned from him, there are things I’ve learned because of him. Because of him, I decided to do better at life. I decided not to let myself drown forever. For whatever else we have or haven’t done for each other, this is a pretty big thing. I’m grateful for it. I know I’ve referenced Origins of Love before, but every time I listen to that one song, I am forcibly reminded of all that we have, and how lucky I’ve been.

Like stupid Adam and Eve 
They found their love in a tree 
God didn’t think they deserved it 
He taught them hate, taught them pride 
Gave them a leaf, made them hide 
Let’s push their stories aside 
You know the origin is you 

From the air I breathe 
To the love I need 
Only thing I know 
Is you’re the origin of love 
From the God above
To the one I love 
Only thing that’s true 
The origin is you

So there, now I am Those People, the ones who post pictures of themselves being happy. I never understood that, not until recently, when I started understanding the true value of happiness, of contentedness, of being… ok. Just fine. Dandy. When you are ok, there is room for things to grow. And room to be a person that I might have laughed at before – a person who says gosh, I love that man I married. We see each other for who we are, and for that, we are very lucky.

For you, everyone, I hope you are rich in the kinds of luck and love that you crave. I hope that you can be ok, that drama isn’t rocking your world too hard. In storms, I’ve learned, the even keel is the best keel.



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