Dear everyone,

I recently bought a couple of skeins of gorgeous Madelinetosh Vintage in the colorway Mare to make a birthday gift for my father. As I was buying it, I worried – is this going to be… well… too loud for him?



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A couple of years ago, he asked me to make him a scarf- nothing too wild, he said. Navy blue or dark, dark brown or black, in a simple pattern. I was visiting my parents’ small town at the time, and decided to buy the yarn while I was there, so I ended up with a couple of skeins of alpaca tweed in black with brown flecks. Which was fine and all, but it wasn’t what he wanted, exactly. Navy was what the man wanted, and yet there was no navy yarn to be had.

So here we are, a couple of years down the road, and I find myself in a yarn store, buying a navy yarn with flecks of brown and dark, dark gray. (The colorway is much navy-bluer in person than that picture would have you believe.) And despite how much I love the yarn, my dad is the kind of guy who makes you wonder… is this dark blue yarn just a little too loud?

And today, of course, I realized that I am nothing more than a chip off the old block. Because I went to Target to buy some work clothes (again, I am nothing but KLASS) and found myself drawn to a sweater that screams “BOLD STATEMENT” in comparison to the rest of my wardrobe. I carried the sweater around for about 20 minutes before deciding that it is, in fact, within the range of things I can wear without looking like a clown – but just barely. It’s wild, it’s patterned, it’s way outside my comfort zone.

What does it look like?



I know. Somebody stop me. I’m completely out of control. Those polka dots scream “WILD THING.”

Aaaaaand… somehow I found myself to be old and boring, but I barely noticed the years going by. Or rather, I noticed the years going by, but I told myself that it didn’t mean much, and I’d always be young and awesome. Lesson learned!




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5 responses to “Loud

  1. The colors in that yarn are gorgeous. Don’t think they will be loud.

    • Thanks, Verónica! I’m in your camp about the yarn, but my father has called things “a little too wild” that I would have called “dark gray.” So… we’ll see. I’m doing a herringbone stitch, so I hope he’ll find it classic and attractive. (We’re a boring people, you see.) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I HAVE THAT SWEATER! But in orange 😉

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