Yes you cancan

Dear everyone,

I just finished some fingerless mitts for my oldest niece’s 13th birthday. Except… well, I’m alarmingly tempted to keep them. (And also, how on earth is she turning 13? I held her for the first time when she was a couple of weeks old when I was on a visit home from college. I AM SO FREAKING OLD.)

Ahem. Anyway. Here they are in all of their unblocked glory:



The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Zino, which was surprisingly fun to work with. The long, slightly unpredictable color changes meant that I had to do some snipping and reorganizing of yarn for the second mitt, but I think they worked out all right in the end. And now I will send them off to California, where I assume my niece’s stepmom (who I love, let’s not get worried about the “step” in there) will wear them more than the teenager ever will. Such is life!

And now I’m going to go see if I can figure out why the herringbone scarf I’m making for my father is turning out parallelogram-shaped. It’s making me CRAZY.



P.S. I keep forgetting to do this… Ravelry details here.

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