D is for delightful

Dear everyone,

As any serious vitamin hound knows, supplements are only a small portion of the discussion when it comes to making sure a human is adequately nourished. They are, in fact, the final line of defense, after good diet and a healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside. Eating your rainbow of vegetables and getting outdoors in direct sunlight are vital components of holistic health.

Which is a good part of why I feel so fan-freaking-tastic this evening – I got outside, in the sunshine, for a good 6 hours today. That’s more sun than I’ve gotten since winter began, and my body is therefore synthesizing more vitamin D than it has considered making in months. (To be truly nerdy, I will mention that vitamin D is not, strictly speaking, a vitamin, since a nutrient is only considered a vitamin if it can’t be made by our bodies, and must be consumed in food or supplements.)

Where was I soaking up all of this gorgeous sun? Hiking, of course, in 25 degree weather with a wind chill that put it down around 10 degrees today.

pine meadow 2(Pine Meadow Lake photo thanks to Raven, since my camera battery died in the first half hour.)

Despite the cold and wind that cut like little knives, there were pockets of stillness where the day felt nearly warm. And after this long winter of cooped-up-ness, and the recent move to an office where there are no windows of any kind, this day in the bright light was exactly what I needed to reset my mood.



After a hike that involved only minimal slipping and sliding on the ice, we got back to town to realize that there was still an hour before our bus. The relentless wind and cold were starting to wear us both down, so we decided to kill some time at Rhodes North Tavern, where I ate all of the fried food in the world, and nothing was ever so delicious. (Seriously, if you find yourself windblown and chilled to the bone, their fried zucchini will be the center of your world and make everything feel better than you could have dreamed.)

I’m not sure how fried zucchini (and sweet potatoes… I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fried sweet potatoes that I ate, as well) play into a lesson about getting adequate sunlight. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure the joy that came from hot fried food gave me a jolt of some kind of vitamin – perhaps it was just the fun vitamin, in which I’ve been severely deficient lately.




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