If you spend any time on the Internet (and clearly you do because look, you’re here) you may have seen a blog called Reasons My Son Is Crying. And if you spend any time thinking on the Internet, you have probably seen some discussion about the site. Lora wrote about it with love and compassion here. Blair Koenig wrote about it here. (And oh, how I appreciate her “what were you thinking?” tone. Because it sounds like my “what were you thinking?” tone, which I use all day, every day, on grown people.)

Anyway, like so many things, I talked to a few people about it, made Raven discuss it with me, thought about it for a few days and then put it in the back of my mind, in the box labeled “Messed Up Things People Do That I Disapprove Of.” (Yes, I allow the labels in my head to end in prepositions. I’m a rebel.)

It had certainly been well relegated to that box last night, when I was having… a bit of a rough time? I dunno, things were just hard or whatever, and I was up too late making cupcakes for my sister-in-law’s birthday, when a pan slipped off its hook on the kitchen wall, knocking an entire full tin of freshly baked (HOT) cupcakes out of my hand and onto our (… not so clean…) kitchen floor.

And I crumbled.

I sat down on the (not so clean) floor and leaned my forehead against the metal cabinet door and I cried. And Raven was perplexed and concerned and I was stormy for about a half hour, even while recognizing that I was losing my shit over cupcakes. So eventually, I calmed down and quit the sobbing and apologized to Raven for behaving like an idiot. He said something about how I didn’t have to apologize to him and I stormed through making another batch of cupcakes.

As I went to get the final tray out of the oven, he called me over to look at something he was looking at on Cake Wrecks.  I laughed at it, as appropriate.

“So, are you going to send a picture of me crying over the cupcakes in to Cake Wrecks for the internet’s enjoyment?”

And I saw the most interesting expression cross his face as he decided to go for it:

“No, I’m saving that for my new tumblr, Reasons My Wife Is Crying.”

Somehow, that fixed everything.


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4 responses to “Reasons

  1. I can SO relate. I once lost my proverbial caca over CHICKEN. I threw my grocery bags full of chicken breast on the kitchen floor, burst into tears, and remained inconsolable for about 15 minutes. It was epic.

  2. The straws that break the camels back are usually the most ridiculous straws in the box. But it’s all it takes. Life is funny like that.

  3. I’ll be your “what were you thinking?” tone sounds a whole lot like my “what is WRONG with people?” tone. Unbelievable how many times a day I say that. It’s practically a chant.

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