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Go for a walk

Yesterday was the kind of golden, sun-bright, autumnal day that I will be dreaming about in the dead of winter.  Cool enough to want a light jacket, but not so cold that falling in a stream made my day miserable. I barely knew they made days as beautiful as this.

Light and shadow and all of the colors of the rainbow, except for purple. There was not a lot of purple out yesterday.

Raven and I took the bus to the bus shelter on Route 17 and walked to the Parker Cabin Hollow trailhead. We made our way to Lake Stahahe, stopping for lunch at Stahahe High Peak – at the end of an unmarked trail we’d never taken before. Having taken it, it’s unclear why we hadn’t done so before. But we will again.

Then it was onward on the Nurian trail and back to Southfields to catch a 4:40 bus. We ended up looping all the way back to the bus shelter on 17, since we had an extra half hour and I didn’t want to sit and wait for our bus on the side of the road. Such a princess.

Red Apple Rest continues to be delightfully dilapidated and abandoned, and I continue to love to take pictures of it.

I have not been as present-minded as I would like, lately – too much what if and but you said¬†going on for me to be focused and centered. Even yesterday, crunching through ankle-high piles of red and gold leaves, I found myself dwelling on things I cannot change, but also can’t accept. Eventually, though, I slipped into the present, and fell into the golden afternoon. It was such a relief to do so.


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